Professionals & Hobbyists Agree

"One has to try it to believe it! I couldn't believe there was hardly anything to clean up on my workbench. Thanks for this great tool."
Ernst Marthaler, Wood and Stone Sculptor (Ottawa, Ontario)

"I have now used my Vac-U-Shield filtered system and I am properly impressed. The system is a vast improvement over the numerous systems I have tried. I have a small group of carvers here and they are all impressed. I expect they will want a unit also."
Taylor Jones
7136 S. Sunland Gin Rd. Eloy, AZ 85231
"P.S. I have just ordered another complete system for one of my students. The order is in my name, so I hope that will not cause confusion. Your system sells its self. What a great product and what a great health protection."


"I've avoided power carving in the house because of the airborne dust that would cover everything, including my hair and clothes, and clog my nose and lungs--until now! Power-carving is now possible in the house because Vac-U-Shield has eliminated all the fine airborne dust and has made clean-up a breeze."
Ed Beckstrom (Equality, Alabama)


"Some years ago I bought a Vac-U-Shield dust eliminator from PSDG which has been most helpful in keeping dust from my lungs. X-Rays had shown that I had Wood Dust accumulated in my lungs. A recent X- Ray showed no dust!
I attribute this to your fine product, I'd be lost without it!"
Lois Nicholas Fais (Larchmont, New York)

"Dear Sir
I ordered a Vac-U-Shield when it was first mentioned in Chip Chats. and must say that I am most pleased with it. Please enter my name on your mailing list."
T.W. Stewart
Thunder Bay, Ontario Canada

"…I am writing in response to questions your customer service dept. had regarding our satisfaction with the Vac-U-Shield system.

We find it makes a noticeable difference in taking the fine dust out of the air immediately, creating a safer work place, and eliminating a lot of cleanup. I would recommend the use of the system to anyone who grinds wood or fiberglass - it can only reduce the chances of breathing the hazardous dust created, and it is definitely a big help in our shop."
David Might
Cincinnati Museum of Natural History


"Dear Sir:
Please send me an additional Vac-U-Shield #V917 dome. As advertised in ChipChats. I find it really works. I use it with my Dremel and my larger handpiece Foredom. You have a great product. Enclosed find my check for the tool and registration form I forgot to send earlier."
Thank you,
Wallis E. Landstreet
St. Leonard, Maryland 20685


"Dear PSDG,
I recently purchased a Vac-U-Shield. To say that I am pleased with it would be a gross understatement. My shop stays clean and don't have to wear a dust mask. It works!
I would like to order some extra items listed on the enclosed paper along with my shipping & mailing address. Please advise me of the cost."
Raymond E. Lincoln
Blairsden, CA 96103

Dear PSDG sales dept.:

"Please send me a Vac-U-Shield for my other tool, Dremel Moto Tool.
I thoroughly enjoy using it on my Foredom. Thanks."
Harlowe W. Holm
Moorhead, Minn 56560

(Excerpt from a letter from Doctor Ned Barney Hein M.D. a satisfied user)

…"I'm very satisfied with the operation of the Vac-U-Shield, which I use on my Foredom and Dremel tools, and truly feel that it helps keep me free of breathing the fine dust"
Ned Barney Hein, M.D.
Sylvania, OH 43560

(Excerpt from a letter from another satisfied user)

"…..and I have been using a Vac-U-Shield for more than 10 years now, connected to my Foredom. It is probably the best piece of equipment I have purchased, and you have my permission to use this letter."
Gary Korman
Blue Goose Dr.
Fennville, MI 49408


Final Test Report Provided By:
Official Journal of the Guild of Master Craftsman.

"…Vac-U-Shield® clips easily onto* flexshaft handpieces."

"… this system works very well under most situations."

"… works well with dust created by small cutters."

"… Surrounds the cutter (bur) to catch the dust more effectively!" (than "fan type" units)

*Note: Vac-U-Shield® also attaches easily to self contained units such as Dremel® Craftsman® Moto Tool® etc. Vac-U-Shield®… thousands in use 'round the world!


For Dust Free Power Carving!

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