It's a known fact! Many of today's carving woods can be life threatening when Power Carved with conventional rotary grinding tools, using carbide or steel burs and small drum sanding attachments.

Many of these woods both exotic and native contain harmful volatile oils when inhaled, or when contacting the mucus membranes of the eyes, nose and sinuses. Allergy suffers and those with asthma may also have a severe reactions. So says NIOSH, OSHA, and others.

Additionally, toxic resins and poisonous sprays that have been used on some woods that have been imported from third world countries, are released into the carvers breathing space when sanded or shaped with power equipment. This toxic material has been known to cause nasal and lung cancers. Inhale enough of this toxic dust and it COULD be suicide!

Conventional "dust boxes" and other air gathering devices whether hung from the ceiling, positioned behind the carving, or balanced upon your knees tend to only suck in part of the toxic dust after it has become airborne and released into your breathing space.

These devices require the airborne release of the volatile dust in order to attempt vacuuming. Additionally, they offer no protection for eyes or face from flying bits of hard resins, wood splinters, or dislodged carbide bur studs, which may be traveling at super speed prior to striking the carvers eyes or face, inflicting severe injury, or blindness.

If the carving is sizable such as a large relief, or a heroic in-the-round type, or a precast fiberglass rough out such as taxidermists use for fish and animal modeling, there presents another problem. These devices become cumbersome and in most cases totally unsuitable. Try balancing a chunk of a tree trunk on your spread apart knees --ouch! How long do you want to sit like that? Not only does the size prohibit such placement, but also the inability of the draft source to draw the dust from a work area that isn't directly positioned in front of it.

Then too, some large fan/filter types create such a draft in an attempt to remove the dust that, it has been reported to this writer, they have caused stiff necks and arthritic flare ups and colds as result of the carver having to maintain a position in direct line of the draft air to gain some measure of cleaner breathing air space.

And it's annoying while carving to have to keep moving a dust box up, down, and around a large project to try to get the best advantage of it. Nor can you stand between the source of the dust and these conventional vacuuming devices without exposing your face, eyes, nose and lungs to definite potential harm. There's gotta be a better way...and there is!

Only Vac-U-Shield ® allows you to work on all sides without re-positioning the carving. Large, small, or heroic size, it doesn't matter. And you capture virtually all the dust BEFORE (repeat) BEFORE it enters your breathing space and damages your lungs. And your eyes, face and skin are protected as well!

Only Vac-U-Shield ® is unique in all these important features ...so unique that it has been awarded two federal patents for it's design and utilitarian purpose. There's nothing else like it! And compare the cost of dust boxes, exhaust blowers etc., (that don't give you this kind of protection) with the cost of Vac-U-Shield®, and you'll see why power carvers have nick-named Vac-U-Shield® "The Woodcarvers Friend".

Manufactured by Protective Specialties Development Group...winner of the AT&T Partners For Growth Award, Vac-U-Shield® helps prevent Power Carver Suicide. Try it--You're gonna love it!

Click to read article from Chip Chats Magazine, April 2007. Wood Dust: A Tragic Lesson

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